•  F.A.Q.
1. How much does CAMCOM Chat 5 cost?
2. What server do I need to run this video chat script?
3. Do video and voice calls require WebRTC or Red5?
4. Can I have video calls with multiple people at the same time?
5. Does this script require MySQL databases?
6. Is it easy to install and do I get technical support if I need help?
7. How many users can connect?
8. Does this chat have an administration so I can kick / ban users?
9. Are all the chat messages stored somewhere and how can I view them?
10. Can I restrict access to the chat only to my registered members?
11. Can I integrate this script into Wordpress, Joomla, PHPBB, etc.?
12. Can I change the design, size and colors?
13. Can I translate the chat into a different language?
14. Is this chat script secure?

1. You can buy the CAMCOM Chat 5 video chat script for a one-time payment of just $195 USD.

2. You only need basic web hosting / web space from a provider such as Hostgator, GoDaddy, 1and1 or others to run CAMCOM Chat with video and voice calling functionality.

3. No. You don't need any special streaming servers. You just need basic web hosting with PHP 5 support or higher.

4. No. CAMCOM Chat 5 is a peer to peer (1 on 1) video chat solution. Group video calls would require special streaming servers (WebRTC, Red5, etc.).

5. No, it doesn't need MySQL databases. This script uses XML files to store data, which is more secure and doesn't make your MySQL databases vulnerable to hacking attacks.

6. CAMCOM Chat 5 is very easy to install. The installation only takes a few seconds. You simply upload the script files via FTP to your web hosting server. You can find detailed installation instructions here. If you need help, we will provide you with a free installation.

7. +/- 90 users maximum can connect simultaneously.

8. Yes, the chat has an administration and you can kick / ban users. You can read about all the administration features here.

9. Yes, all chat messages, including private messages, are stored with the user's IP address and timestamp. You can view the chat logs with the included administrator tools. You can find demos of the administration tools here.

10. Yes, you can integrate our chat script into any existing member database system and restrict access only to your members. Your members can automatically connect to the chat with their registered user name / profile picture and skip the initial guest login screen. We have detailed instructions, example code and a demo here.

11. Yes, our script can be intregrated into any third-party CMS or forum. We have detailed instructions, example code and a demo here.

12. Yes, you can fully customize everything in CAMCOM Chat 5. All the editable source files (Flash CS5+ .FLA, AS3 Classes and PHP scripts) are included for editing.

13. Yes, you can translate the chat interface into any language. By default, users can already type messages in any language (UTF-8).

14. Yes, it's completely secure. There is nothing to hack since this script has no connection to your MySQL databases.

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